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The Road

GSW will demonstrate an Intelligent Speed Adaptation solution based on satellite navigation technology that awards drivers for good driving behaviour. Experiment with the prototype to measure its speed, earn points and get a prize when the driver operates in the speed limit.

SIGNATURE and Satellite performance monitor

SIGNATURE shows an assisted satellite navigation solution for Road User Charging, and Pay-As-You-Drive insurance, using the EGNOS. A vehicle route and speed will be displayed. The demonstration shows how data collected is sent to the Service Centre and processed with a mapmatcher to assess billing accuracy, integrity and availability. Plus, see measurements displayed that show the performance of GPS and EGNOS. Watch in real time how GPS satellites move across the sky and see the effect of buildings blocking the signal.

Satellite Traffic Management

Europe’s roads are congested and mobility demands continue to grow, bringing economic and environmental challenges. SATELLIC shows how satellite-based positioning enables innovative mobility management – as national or urban road pricing and eco-driving – helping drivers to decrease fuel use and CO2 emissions. Take a drive in town; see how it works and learn how EGNOS increases the accuracy and integrity of the system, as proven by field trials.


GALAPAGOS demonstrates a positioning system designed for logistics applications – specifically for container tracking – based on high sensitivity satellite navigation receivers augmented by EGNOS. Several hardware modules will be interconnected to allow containers to ‘communicate’ with the control centre, so that every container can be located at any time.


MENTORE demonstrates how EGNOS can provide accurate and guaranteed tracking & tracing of dangerous goods transport. See how a vehicle equipped with an EGNOS-enabled on board unit will move around Brussels while the ‘Service Centre’ in the Village can track the precise movements of the transport in real time.


TaxiPal breaks down the language barriers and helps users make educated decisions when ordering and using taxi services anywhere in the world. TaxiPal connects you with trusted taxi companies in your current location, providing information on their services, tariffs and user ratings. See how it works.

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The City

Mobzili combines your precise location with information on events, activities, public services and shopping opportunities in the area with a service called ‘AllAroundMe’. Get information on shopping, restaurants, public transport schedules and more close to the Application Village delivered direct to your mobile phone!


Tagcrumbs is building the infrastructure for user-generated locationbased content on mobile devices and the web. Easily remember places and share your favourites with your friends and the world. Watch the results shown as a live stream at the Tagcrumbs kiosk in the Village.


Race against Formula1 drivers on a gaming console. With the help of satellite navigation, iOpener transmits live telemetry data from race cars into a virtual racing environment, making it possible for gamers to experience racing in real time, onreal tracks, and against real opponents driving real cars!


Experience now OPTI-TRANS, helps you navigate across Europe using various modes of transportation. The system combines information from transport authorities and vehicle owners and determines the optimum route and mode depending on your actual location.

Galileoenabled mobile environment monitoring system, for urban pollution detection

See how urban pollution can be detected on location using a flexible, mobile and real-time system that delivers road network data. Levels of pollution can be plotted on a map by combining high-accuracy measurement with satellite navigation positioning, providing new traffic management solutions. See how pollution levels around the Village are registered in real time.


Satellite navigation signal falsification or ‘spoofing’ is an increasing threat. Spoofing can allow a device or service to show a false position or itinerary, disrupting business and safety-critical systems. TIGER has developed a system to determine whether a signal can be trusted using a number of techniques that can be applied to mass-market receivers. The demo will show a token that only allows access to a computer in certain locations and detects any attempts at spoofing the navigation signal.

Punchbyte - g-diag

g diag is a broad solution for all kinds of maintenance and inspection work. The software monitors the position of personnel and of the workplace, delivers relevant data in real time, and leads workers step-by-step through a maintenance task. Experience live demos of how it works in the Village.


ImaGeo provides tourists and users on the move with access to onthe- spot information about cultural objects and attractions in their location. With a click visitors can retrieve information about the buildings around the Village, while sharing information, pictures and routes with other users.


By combining satellite navigation positioning and wind measurements, Osmografo automatically plots the area covered by search & rescue dogs’ sense of smell of in real time. Learn how search & rescue coordinators determine which area still needs to be searched before leaving the zone.


Until recently, the visually impaired could only rely on canes and dogs when mobile. While a number of navigation devices and services are on the market, they do not provide sufficient accuracy. Using EGNOS, PERNASVIP improves precision to the level required by associations for the visually impaired. With EGNOS, service is also improved in urban environments. Wearing glasses that simulate visual disabilities, visitors will be able to move about the Village by following instructions provided by the device.

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The Port
European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)

Using a combination of satellite positioning systems and images, discover how the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) is improving safety and security for the EU. See how EMSA detects illegal oil spills and identifies the polluters, in order to prevent pollution in our seas.

Sci-Tech POB (person over board) System

If you fall overboard at sea, your best chance of rescue is by the boat you have fallen from. Experience how Sci- Tech uses EGNOS to locate and monitor a casualty in the water in real-time and learn how the system guides the boat back to the person over board.

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The Neighbourhood

Liveline, a new geo-social service, will demonstrate location-based mobile tracking of ‘vulnerable people’. Watch a live demonstration of how Liveline helps the Eden family keep track of its members in a crowd. Will you be my Liveline?

United Maps “Walk & Ride”

United Maps provides fully navigable, highly detailed vector maps on top of professional street map data. With added buildings, mass transit networks, relevant pedestrian information and other unique aspects, United Maps enables multi-modal routing and location-based media and services. See how the “Walk & Ride” service can guide you with comprehensive coverage and rich mapping details across an entire city.


MOW-by-Sat will present BigMow, an autonomous satellite navigationguided lawn mower that can manoeuvre, with centimetre precision, across a golf course, stop neatly at its edge and turn around to cut another swath.


INCLUSION shows how a satellite navigation-guided wheelchair can improve the autonomy of a motorimpaired person. The demonstration will show how the application can help him/her move autonomously and safely around the Village. The terminal will display the user’s position on an area map, which includes information on mobility ‘barriers’.

ESSP Satellite Tracking Station

The European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP) is developing EGNOS performance monitoring in order to track satellite signals and show their performance in real-time. See different maps showing EGNOS performance over Europe. A specialist will be available to answer questions on EGNOS, the first European satellite navigation system.


The IEGLO project application, MODIS®, is a complete system for supporting care of the elderly or people with Alzheimer’s disease. The demonstration will show how MODIS can monitor and assist patients in different emergency situations in different locations – indoor and outdoor. The carer is immediately alerted regarding the nature of the emergency, with its position and time displayed on a map.


With AiperCare integrating the advantages of the classic home emergency system and standard location-based systems, relatives can be constantly aware of their loved one’s condition and activities. Watch the system detect critical situations, locate the individual via satellite navigation and notify care providers or relatives via text messages or other channels.

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The Outdoors
Avalanche Rescue Navigator (ARN)

The Avalanche Rescue Navigator is a state-of-the-art location system to improve the effectiveness of searching for avalanche victims. See how ARN works and how the next generation of high-precision rescue devices can help save lives on the slopes.

Cenalo flight robot

Get real-time pictures and videos from a bird’s eye point of view. Quadrocopter, a mini flight robot, provides unlimited applications using several technologies for navigation, including satellite navigation positioning.


The combination of state-of-the-art satellite positioning solutions and detailed mapping data is the perfect basis for monitoring individual tracks, runs, rides and other sporting activities – whether on the sea, land or sky! See how SportsCurve tracks cyclists as they ride around the Village.


GALILEOCAST is delivering high resolution local weather forecasts by using dense observational data from satellite navigation equipped vehicles to customers’ mobile devices. The demonstration will show how ‘GalileoBirds’ supplement traditional weather forecasting. Visitors will be guided through the process of collecting positioning data from migrating birds and processing it to watch as they progress along their annual migration path.


CLOSE-SEARCH supports search and rescue operations in remote, difficultto- access areas and/or in time critical situations by integrating a small unmanned helicopter, a thermal sensor and a multisensor EGNOS-based navigation system with an autonomous integrity monitoring capability. Visitors can see how Close-Search can find lost people in wilderness areas and take a tour of the helicopter.

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The Farm

Agrista provides an online platform for businesses to collaborate in the delivery of agricultural production finance to farmers, especially in emerging economies. See a presentation of how farmers can store their maps and precision farming data online, and connect with suppliers and service providers in their area.


A CLAAS tractor, equipped with a satellite-assisted system, shows that EGNOS is already providing important benefits in Agriculture. With its “affordable precision”, EGNOS helps farmers reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers. EGNOS is available for all standard CLAAS tractors, the signal is free and, with a precision of ±15 to 30 cm, it is ideal for crop spraying, fertilising and soil cultivation.


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